Dual blader Sp guide



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    Dual blader Sp guide

    Post  fliparan on Fri Apr 22 2011, 07:56

    Okey hello guys, this is the guide i use for my db. It seems like its a good guide so far, it's not written by me i found it on basilmarket.


    Here's a guide for those who are about to obtain Dual Blades in their version of Maple Story. It won't be as in depth as my other Big Bang guide but mainly to get the gist of things. This build is more of the one I went than a all around one but I did make some decision comments you could otherwise make yourself instead of going with the one I put down.

    Anyways, if you guys see any mistakes or want to include something. Make sure to first read then say it. I kind of rushed a bit when making this so I feel as if I made a error somewhere. Help me out to help yourself out. :] Thank you very much. Hope you guys enjoyed using this. I'll add some videos and other things later.

    Dual Blades

    Dual Blades can save points from 1st Job to 2nd, to 2nd job +. 3rd Job to 3rd Job +. Their moves before Big Bang were very much overpowered. Maybe because of their release or because Nexon wanted to make tons of money. Dual Blades are strong, fast, and attacks multiple time in quick succession. They're able to train at higher level areas with ease and only requires 2 skills in Fourth Job to make themselves better than other classes that are even 20 levels + above them. Those 2 skills are Final Cut and Thorns. Each both able to 2x your damage making it 4x the damage.

    Dual Blades also get all of their offensive skills in less jobs making it much easier to train. 4th Job is more of a stage where all your other offensive skills gets a buff. At level 140+, is when you obtain your bossing move, Chains of Hell or if you rather just grind, just get Maple Warrior/Venom. :]

    1st Job Skill Build

    First off you start off as a rogue after getting your character to 10 and such, or maybe 30 if you guys have the same event as GMS did. For those who wants some of the equips you can only obtain making a DB starting at 1 or just want to do it for the storyline, this is what you do for the build.

    Level 10: 1 Double Stab (1)
    Level 11: 3 Double Stab (4)
    Level 12: 3 Double Stab (7)
    Level 13: 3 Double Stab (10)
    Level 14: Save (3)
    Level 15: Save (6)
    Level 16: Save (9)
    Level 17: Save (12)
    Level 18: Save (15)
    Level 19: Save (18)
    Level 20: Save (21)

    Results So Far:
    Double stab requires only level 10 to get triple stab so leave it at 10. Do not get anymore!
    21 Saved Points

    Right here you'll do this quest to get to your 1st Job + which ironically won't happen exactly at level 20 but between 20-25. Why? The quest chain gives you so much exp but don't worry about it. Your HP/MP and skills won't be hurt. Just continue saving points. I estimate level 23 - 24 will be when you're done with the quests to advance.

    2nd Job Skill Build

    As soon as you hit level 20, you will do a quest chain that gives you tons of exp which will make you over level. So don't go suicidal to lose experience percentage. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll advance at level 23-25. So keep saving those points. I would know, I did the same thing.. Then regret it.

    Level 21: Save (24)
    Level 22: Save (27)
    Level 23: Save (30)
    Level 24: 10 Triple Stab (Maxed), 6 Booster (6), 17 Katara Mastery (17)
    Level 25: 2 Katara Mastery (19), 1 Save (1)
    Level 26: 3 Save (4)
    Level 27: 3 Save (7)
    Level 28: 3 Save (10)
    Level 29: 3 Save (13)
    Level 30: 3 Save (16)

    Results So Far:
    10 Double Stab
    Maxed Triple Stab
    19 Katara Mastery
    6 Booster
    16 Saved Points

    Why are we saving points? This way you can just get the skills you need to level really fast. Skills such as Self Haste and Slash Storm. I didn't go this path since I didn't know. I believe the guide we had for GMS didn't went this path so I'm adjusting it.

    Booster is left at 6 for 1 minute duration, 19 Mastery because the last level only adds +1 Accuracy which you don't need. Since DBs carry both dex/luk stats which always add accuracy. You'll max Booster later on. Same goes for Dark Sight.

    2nd Job + Skill Build

    I believe the drop rate for the advancement is 100% so just kill those ninjas, collect your etc drop thing for the advance and advance!

    Level 31: 1 Slash Storm (1), 16 Self Haste (16)
    Level 32: 3 Self Haste (19)
    Level 33: 1 Self Haste (Maxed), 2 Slash Storm (3)
    Level 34: 2 Slash Storm (6), then you add a point again. Slash Storm (7)

    Right here, you add 2 points to Slash storm first to make it level 5. You have one point left over, then use your NX mastery book to gain another point which makes it level 6. Use the third point to make it level 7.

    Level 35: 3 Slash Storm (10)
    Level 36: 3 Slash Storm (13)
    Level 37: 3 Slash Storm (17)
    Level 38: 3 Slash Storm (Maxed)
    Level 39: 3 Disorder (3)
    Level 40: 3 Dark Sight (6)
    Level 41: 3 Dark Sight (9)
    Level 42: 3 Dark Sight (12)
    Level 43: 3 Dark Sight (15)
    Level 44: 3 Dark Sight (18)
    Level 45: 2 Dark Sight (Maxed), 1 Fatal Blow (1)
    Level 46: 3 Fatal Blow (4)
    Level 47: 3 Fatal Blow (7)
    Level 48: 3 Fatal Blow (10)
    Level 49: 3 Fatal Blow (13)
    Level 50: 3 Fatal Blow (16)
    Level 51: 3 Fatal Blow (19)
    Level 52: 1 Fatal Blow (Maxed), 2 Booster (Cool
    Level 53: 3 Booster (11)
    Level 54: 3 Booster (14)

    Results So Far:
    10 Double Stab
    Maxed Triple Stab
    19 Katara Mastery
    14 Booster
    Maxed Slash Storm
    Maxed Self Haste
    Maxed Dark Sight
    Maxed Fatal Blow
    3 Disorder

    1 Slash Storm helps with distance and quick maneuver and fun with a new skill. Then max Self Haste helps boost training by a lot. Especially if you're going for the Mushroom Kingdom Medal. Afterward, max Dark Sight instead of Fatal Blow first. As much as Oped Fatal Blow is, it won't boost training a lot but the dark sight will be needed a lot more than Fatal Blow in CPQ. Triple Stab is already strong enough as it is alone. Max Fatal Blow after then 14 in Booster or you can do Max Booster and 14 Fatal Blow, you'll max whatever skills you didn't max later on anyways.

    3rd Job Skill Build

    Level 55: 1 Flash Jump (1), 2 Tornado Spin (2)
    Level 56: 3 Tornado Spin (5)
    Level 57: 3 Tornado Spin (9)

    Notes: If I remember correctly, Tornado Spin's master level before using the book is at 5. So when you hit level 57, use the nx mastery book to gain a level then Tornado Spin will be level 6. Use those 3 points to make it level 9.

    Level 58: 3 Tornado Spin (12)
    Level 59: 3 Tornado Spin (15)
    Level 60: 3 Tornado Spin (18)
    Level 61: 2 Tornado Spin (Maxed) 1 Saved (1)
    Level 62: 3 Saved (4)
    Level 63: 3 Saved (7)
    Level 64: 3 Saved (10)
    Level 65: 3 Saved (13)
    Level 66: 3 Saved (16)
    Level 67: 3 Saved (19)
    Level 68: 3 Saved (22)
    Level 69: 3 Saved (25)
    Level 70: 3 Saved (28)

    Results So Far:
    10 Double Stab
    Maxed Triple Stab
    19 Katara Mastery
    14 Booster
    Maxed Slash Storm
    Maxed Self Haste
    Maxed Dark Sight
    Maxed Fatal Blow
    3 Disorder
    Maxed Tornado Spin
    1 Flash Jump
    28 Saved Points

    Maxed Tornado Spin so you can use that combo right away when training. Training at Gallos with this skill will boost up training considerably. Or if you rather save pots and not die, then save all those points to put in Bloody Storm instead and have only 1 level Flash Jump for distance. Tornado Spin = Level faster, Bloody Storm = Level slower but huge pot saver.

    3rd Job + Skill Buld

    3rd Job + Advancement is like any other adventurer's advancement. If you don't know what it is, search it up yourself. It's the least you can do. You went this far, what's a little more hard work right?

    Level 70: 1 Upper Stab (1), 20 Flying Assaulter (Maxed), 8 Mirror Image (Cool

    Upperstab is already so strong even at level 1. However it's not the attack percentages that makes it strong but the quickness of it. It strikes really fast doing added damage to the monsters if it's being hit in the air. Max Flying Assaulter to do more damage to the monsters when mobbing with Tornado Spin. 8 Mirror Image to do extra damage right at level 70.

    If you want a higher level mirror image, you can always place 10 points in Flying Assaulter, and make Mirror Image level 19. +1 from the Nx Mastery Book. Which makes it easier to max later on. The above build however is the build I went with. Mirror Image didn't exactly do as much damage as I thought it did unless you have high range and even then, you won't need it as much.

    Level 71: 2 Mirror Image (10) Used book to make it 11,

    By making Mirror Image level 11, the duration is now 2 minutes.

    Level 72: 3 Bloody Storm (3)
    Level 73: 3 Bloody Storm (6)
    Level 74: 3 Bloody Storm (9)
    Level 75: 2 Bloody Storm (Maxed), 1 Upper Stab (2)
    Level 76: 3 Upper Stab (5)
    Level 77: 3 Upper Stab (Cool
    Level 78: 3 Upper Stab (11)
    Level 79: 3 Upper Stab (14)
    Level 80: 3 Upper Stab (17)
    Level 81: 3 Upper Stab (Maxed)
    Level 82: 3 Mirror Image (14)
    Level 83: 3 Mirror Image (17)
    Level 84: 3 Mirror Image (20)
    Level 85: 3 Mirror Image (23)
    Level 86: 3 Mirror Image (26)
    Level 87: 3 Mirror Image (29)
    Level 88: 1 Mirror Image (Maxed), 2 Flash Jump (3)
    Level 89: 3 Flash Jump (6)
    Level 90: 3 Flash Jump (9)
    Level 91: 3 Flash Jump (12)
    Level 92: 3 Flash Jump (15)
    Level 93: 3 Flash Jump (18)
    Level 94: 2 Flash Jump (Maxed), 1 Booster (15)
    Level 95: 3 Booster (18)
    Level 96: 2 Booster (Maxed), 1 Owl Spirit (1)
    Level 97: 3 Owl Spirit (4)
    Level 98: 3 Owl Spirit (7)
    Level 99: 3 Owl Spirit (10)
    Level 100: 3 Owl Spirit (13)
    Level 101: 3 Owl Spirit (16)
    Level 102: 3 Owl Spirit (19)
    Level 103: 1 Owl Spirit (Maxed), 2 Flash Bang (2)
    Level 104: 3 Flash Bang (5)
    Level 105: 3 Flash Bang (Cool
    Level 106: 3 Flash Bang (11)
    Level 107: 3 Flash Bang (14)
    Level 108: 3 Flash Bang (17)
    Level 109: 3 Flash Bang (Maxed)
    Level 110: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (3)
    Level 111: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (6)
    Level 112: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (9)
    Level 113: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (12)
    Level 114: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (15)
    Level 115: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (18)
    Level 116: 2 Advanced Dark Sight (Maxed)
    Level 117 - 120: Put the points in whatever. :]

    Results So Far:
    10 Double Stab
    Maxed Triple Stab
    19 Katara Mastery
    Maxed Booster
    Maxed Slash Storm
    Maxed Self Haste
    Maxed Dark Sight
    Maxed Fatal Blow
    3 Disorder
    Maxed Tornado Spin
    Maxed Flash Jump
    Maxed Owl Spirit
    Maxed Bloody Storm
    Maxed Flying Assaulter
    Maxed Mirror Image
    Maxed Upper Stab
    Maxed Flash Bang
    Maxed Advanced Dark Sight

    Get Mirror Image to 10, use book to make it 11 to get a 2 minute duration. It helps out a lot. Since it's very annoying buffing every minute or so. Getting Bloody Storm afterward helps with diversity. Training with both tornado spin and bloody storm ensures both speed and pot saving. It might even save your life. Cause even if you're training fast, you don't want to die do you? So for those who went Bloody Storm first, you'll get tornado spin afterward. Max Upperstab helps since you would want to kill your mobs faster. After that, max mirror image to completely wipe the floor with the monsters you mobbed, mirror image adds more damage percent and every point counts. After that, max Flash Jump will help considerably.

    If you remember, this is the build I went with. I dislike the duration for Booster so I maxed it within 2-3 levels. Here I maxed Owl Spirit because I wanted more damage. It helped every now and then but I keep on forgetting to use it. Flash Bang Vs Advanced Dark Sight. Before Big Bang, you couldn't heal in Dark Sight so I maxed out Flash Bang first and used it as a finisher for mobs that I flash jump out of the way from. I maxed Advanced Dark Sight afterward and put the points in Nimble Body for the extra avoid. I didn't really need it though since potential equips came out and all the luk percent equips helps considerably.

    4th Job Skill Build

    4th Job advancement is the same as any other adventurer. Search it up yourself. :]
    Anyways, 4th Job Skill Build is basically almost the same as Big Bang's build but almost vice versa.

    First you put a point in Final Cut for the 2x damage, and then max Thorns. Thorns will make all of your crits 2x your usual damage. Final Cut will be maxed later on so the cool down will be lower but even at level 1, you will have 1/4 of the time 2x of your damage and 4x when Thorns is maxed. Isn't that awesome?

    Afterward from level 140 +, depending on what build you're going to go with. Grinding you can go with Venom or Maple Warrior, I prefer Maple Warrior however since you'll be killing pretty fast already. And Chains of Hell is most likely for bossing training or for fun.

    Sudden Raid should not be maxed but a point helps in training since you can well spam it. If you can one hit kill monsters with level 1 Sudden Raid, go for it, or level 10. This will make you train like a Mage spamming Ultimates.

    Remember to save points before using nx mastery book for thorns to get the additional skill point. Chains of hell and Final Cut will require a skill book.


    I might add in other things later on but for now. I'm done. I hope you guys in EMS or any other MS that just received Dual Blades enjoy using my guide.

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    Re: Dual blader Sp guide

    Post  Alice on Mon Apr 25 2011, 04:34

    The Guide i uses thought that it might be good with some diff so u can choose

    3.1 Cash Shop Skills
    It has been confirmd by some Forum Mod* that we get the GMS version, so you'll have to pay for it. l can't screen shot, so believe it or don't. Below you can find a list of the Cash Shop skills with the prices, this list has been made by: xSchlitzer.

    Slash Storm - 3,5k NX
    Tornado Spin - 3,5k NX
    Mirror Image - 4,5k NX
    Flying Assaulter - 4,5k NX
    Sudden Raid - 8,9k NX
    Thorns - 8,9k NX


    MugiwaraNeko wrote:

    Over Dual Blade Skill/Mastery Books:
    Ja ze zullen te koop zijn in de cash shop.
    Dit is bevestigd door Nexon nadat iemand op het Duitse maple forum hiernaar vroeg.
    De vraag is nu natuurlijk of die Skill/Mastery Books ook gewoon te krijgen zullen zijn van monster drops.

    About Dual Blade Skills/Mastery Books:
    Yes they will be able to buy in the cash shop.
    It has been confirmed by Nexon after someone has asked about it on the German Forum.
    Of course it's the question if these books are going to be drops.

    3.2 Skill Build

    LVL 10 +1 Double Stab(1)
    LVL 11 +3 Double Stab(4)
    LVL 12 +3 Double Stab(7)
    LVL 13 +3 Double Stab(10)
    LVL 14 +3 Save SP(3)
    LVL 15 +3 Save SP(6)
    LVL 16 +3 Save SP(9)
    LVL 17 +3 Save SP(12)
    LVL 18 +3 Save SP(15)
    LVL 19 +3 Save SP(18)
    LVL 20 +3 Save SP(21)

    The Saved SP will be used in your 2nd job.

    Blade Recruit:
    LVL 20 +10 Triple Stab(10), +5 Mastery(5), +6 Booster(6)
    LVL 21 +3 Mastery(9)
    LVL 22 +3 Mastery(12)
    LVL 23 +2 Mastery(15)
    LVL 24 +3 Mastery(18)
    LVL 25 +2 Mastery(20), +1 Disorder(1)
    LVL 26 +2 Disorder(3), +1 Dark Sight(1)
    LVL 27 +3 Dark Sight(4)
    LVL 28 +3 Dark Sight(7)
    LVL 29 +3 Dark Sight(10)
    LVL 30 +3 Dark Sight(13)

    Booster will be maxed later on but for now it's good enough.

    Blade Acolyte:
    LVL 30 +1 Slash Storm (1)
    LVL 31 +1 Final Blow(1), +2 Self Haste(2)
    LVL 32 +3 Self Haste(5)
    LVL 33 +3 Self Haste(Cool
    LVL 34 +3 Self Haste(11)
    LVL 35 +3 Self Haste(14)
    LVL 36 +3 Self Haste(17)
    LVL 37 +2 Self Haste(20)
    LVL 38 +3 Slash Storm(4)
    LVL 39 +3 Slash Storm(7)
    LVL 40 +3 Slash Storm(10)
    LVL 41 +3 Slash Storm(13)
    LVL 42 +3 Slash Storm(16)
    LVL 43 +3 Slash Storm(19)
    LVL 44 +1 Slash Storm(20), +2 Final Blow(3)
    LVL 45 +3 Final Blow(6)
    LVL 46 +3 Final Blow(9)
    LVL 47 +3 Final Blow(12)
    LVL 48 +3 Final Blow(15)
    LVL 49 +3 Final Blow(18)
    LVL 50 +2 Final Blow (20), +1 Dark Sight(14)
    LVL 51 +3 Dark Sight(17)
    LVL 52 +3 Dark Sight(20)
    LVL 53 +3 Booster(9)
    LVL 54 +3 Booster(12)
    LVL 55 +3 Booster(15)

    Maxed Slash Storm isn't as good as Triple Stab that's why we wait with adding points in it. We start with Haste to make boost your speed so you can kill faster. After Haste we're going to max Slash Storm since it's still good for training. Once Slash Storm is maxed it's time for Final Blow, this is your 1v1 attack. The left overs will but put into Dark Sight and Booster.

    Blade Specialist:
    LVL 56 +3 Flash Jump(3)
    LVL 57 +3 Flash Jump(6)
    LVL 58 +3 Flash Jump(9)
    LVL 59 +3 Flash Jump(12)
    LVL 60 +3 Flash Jump(15)
    LVL 61 +3 Flash Jump(18)
    LVL 62 +2 Flash Jump(20), + 1 Save SP (1)
    LVL 63 +3 Save SP(4)
    LVL 64 +3 Save SP(7)
    LVL 65 +3 Save SP(10)
    LVL 66 +3 Save SP(13)
    LVL 67 +3 Save SP(16)
    LVL 68 +3 Save SP(19)
    LVL 69 +3 Save SP(22)

    Flash jump is great, l even think it's better then Hermit FJ. We're saving the other SP points to put them into our 5th job skills.

    Blade Lord:
    LVL 70 +1 Mirror Image(1), +10 Bloody Storm(10), +15 Flying Assulter(15)
    LVL 71 +3 Flying Assulter(18)
    LVL 72 +2 Flying Assulter(20), +1 Owl Dead(1)
    LVL 73 +3 Mirror Image(4)
    LVL 74 +3 Mirror Image(7)
    LVL 75 +3 Mirror Image(10)
    LVL 76 +3 Mirror Image(13)
    LVL 77 +3 Mirror Image(16)
    LVL 78 +3 Mirror Image(19)
    LVL 79 +1 Mirror Image(20), +2 Upper Stab(2)
    LVL 80 +3 Upper Stab(5)
    LVL 81 +3 Upper Stab(Cool
    LVL 82 +3 Upper Stab(11)
    LVL 83 +3 Upper Stab(14)
    LVL 84 +3 Upper Stab(17)
    LVL 85 +3 Upper Stab(20)
    LVL 86 +3 Owl Dead(4)
    LVL 87 +3 Owl Dead(7)
    LVL 88 +3 Owl Dead(10)
    LVL 89 +3 Owl Dead(13)
    LVL 90 +3 Owl Dead(16)
    LVL 91 +3 Owl Dead(19)
    LVL 92 +1 Owl Dead(20), +2 Tornado Spin(2)
    LVL 93 +3 Tornado Spin(5)
    LVL 94 +3 Tornado Spin(Cool
    LVL 95 +3 Tornado Spin(11)
    LVL 96 +3 Tornado Spin(14)
    LVL 97 +3 Tornado Spin(17)
    LVL 98 +3 Tornado Spin(20)
    LVL 99 +3 Advanced Dark Sight(3)
    LVL 100 +3 Advanced Dark Sight(6)
    LVL 101 +3 Advanced Dark Sight(9)
    LVL 102 +3 Advanced Dark Sight(12)
    LVL 103 +3 Advanced Dark Sight(15)
    LVL 104 +3 Advanced Dark Sight(18)
    LVL 105 +2 Advanced Dark Sight(20), +1 Booster(16)
    LVL 106 +3 Booster(19)
    LVL 107 +1 Booster(20), +2 Flash Bang(2)
    LVL 108 +3 Flash Bang(5)
    LVL 109 +3 Flash Bang(Cool
    LVL 110 +3 Flash Bang(11)
    LVL 111 +3 Flash Bang(14)
    LVL 112 +3 Flash Bang(17)
    LVL 113 +3 Flash Bang(20)

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